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Chemical Engineering Days

Veszprém, April 16-18, 2024

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Chemical Engineering Conference 2024 website


The Chemical Engineering Conference is an annual event which more than 50 years of history. On behalf of the University of Pannonia and the Faculty of Engineering, we warmly invite and look forward to our partners and young researchers and colleagues committed to science on April 16-17-18, 2024.  Chimistry Engineering Days'24 conference. The topics of the Conference include not only the classical areas of chemical- and bioengineering sciences, but special focus is given to functionalized nano- and microstructured materials, bioanalytics and bionanotechnology. There will be English and Hungarian sessions depending on the interest. Following our traditions, special attention will be paid to give opportunity for young researchers to present their results.

We kindly invite you to our Conference. We hope, that the CEC 2024 event will offer an exciting intellectual challenge and will provide up-to-date professional knowledge to all participants.


The Organizing Committee


Scientific Committee 



Katalin Bélafiné Bakó

Committee Members:

  • János Abonyi
  • Tibor Chován
  • András Guttman
  • János Gyenis
  • László Hanák
  • Jenő Hancsók
  • Cecília Hodur
  • Krisztián Horváth
  • Gábor Járvás
  • László T. Mika
  • Gábor Modla
  • Áron Németh
  • Sándor Németh
  • Dóra Pethő
  • István Szalai
  • János Szépvölgyi
  • Varga Csilla
  • Varga Tamás
  • Ferenc Vonderviszt

Conference Secretary:

Mónika Klein

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